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Fangirl Challenge: Female Characters [1/15] Natasha Romanoff

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He looks like one of those statues you see in Rome when you walk into the museum…He looks like he’s been carved out of granite" -Tom Hiddleston.

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faze-srl-deactivated20140225 asked: "No no no. It's not like that. It has nothing to do with American movies. Steve Rodgers was made by Stan Lee, and so he was made by one man to not be the typical American soldier people think about. The movies had to make him like that because it's part of their deal, but like Steve inspires America, Stan inspired to see a soldier who doesn't just want to kill, but to make a difference. That's what makes Steve so special. He's not a figure made by the government or movie society, but by one man."


oh my god i literally received ten messages on this and they all say the exact same thing i was saying so i might as well publish this 

my post literally said “for the first time ever in cinema history.” cinema. i don’t think there’s any other ww2 movie where a character goes “hey i don’t wanna kill germans i just wanna do the right thing”, and i recognize that that’s captain america’s whole ideal in the comics and it always was, but i’m talking about cinema.

it has everything to do with american movies because marvel could have easily strayed from that ideal and made the film about killing nazis in the name of america just to appeal more to american audiences. (let’s be honest, comic!canon and movie!canon are two different things and a lot of things change from comic to movie adaptations).

yet marvel constantly stays true to its values. they didn’t turn captain america into some sort of propaganda, even though it originally was lol—the character itself was created by jack kirby and joe simon (not stan lee; he contributed at parts but took over two decades later) during ww2 for that purpose. as a matter of fact, marvel often strays from comic!canon to make things less prejudiced and unnecessarily patriotic, like they handled the mandarin in iron man 3. 

when 99% of american made movies out there are all about killing germans and russians and koreans and iraqis while the national anthem plays in the background, it’s refreshing to see marvel take a different stance. it doesn’t matter if it’s always been the same in the comics. what’s important is that they didn’t change it, and that they’ve changed the things that were prejudiced instead.

I’m in the middle of an interrogation, this moron is giving me everything.


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